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Welcome to Holz Motors in Milwaukee WI

History of Holz Motors - More than a better deal, a better dealership.

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Hales Corners was named by a relative of Nathan Hale, the famous Revolutionary War hero.  But there's another name on a business on South Highway 100 that's just as famous in the automotive world: Holz, as in Holz Motors.  According to records kept by the state and reported by the Wisconsin Automobile and Truck Dealers Association, Holz Motors sells the most new Chevrolets of any Chevrolet dealer in the State. It's a feat that Holz has accomplished annually since 1986.

While Holz is a modern, well-equipped facility with a large inventory and an impressive showroom, it's record breaking sales rely more on home-spun philosophies and traditional customer-driven practices than on anything else.  Owner Jerome J.("Jerry") Holz wouldn't have it any other way.  Jerry was born into the automobile business, the last of 5 children of the founders Rudolph and Gertrude Holz.  Jerry, has seen the automobile business change from the days when his father sold gas delivered by horse drawn wagon to today's computer age.

Holz Motors has also grown from it's first year sales in 1914 of just seven "motor cars" to today with more than 4000 new and used vehicles delivered annually.  According to Jerry, Holz Motors is the oldest Chevrolet agency in Wisconsin and probably the oldest dealership in the state owned by its founding family.

Today, Holz Motors has a payroll of 167.  In 1962, Holz moved across the street from the original location to a modern showroom (since remodeled) and has acquired acreage around the site for used car sales, custom conversion van sales, commercial vehicle sales, fleet sales, auto leasing, auto body and paint repair, Chevrolet parts, and inventory needs.  In 1985, Holz acquired a Pontiac, Cadillac, GMC outlet in Watertown.

Jerry and Dorothy Holz were married in 1949 and have two daughters "who both married great guys who are dentists." They have a grandson and a granddaughter.  One daughter owns and operates the nearby "Barb's Green House Florist."  When you ask Jerry about his background and how he built his dealership into the powerhouse it is today, he simply says he's "a roads scholar".

Hear what our Customers are saying!
...“In late 2000 my wife and I purchased a 2001 Chevy Malibu from Holz Motors. The car is older than our three children. Never owned a better vehicle. I left it on your lot when I drove home in a 2011 Chevy Malibu and hope to see you again in 10 years..." Brett Lepak Click Here to read the entire letter.

"My background is in the automotive field and I've picked up finance and banking skills along the way.  I love being the head of a dealership because for me this is where the fun is.  Where else could I meet so many people, hire and manage good co-workers, or look forward to going to work each day?  I'll keep at this business until I'm too old, or too tired, and I'm not feeling either of those now."

Seated behind a beautiful desk in his tastefully appointed office, Jerry Holz speaks about the secret of his success:  Find good people to hire, pay them and treat them well, and you'll keep them.  The car business is extremely people-oriented, and nothing hurts more than high turnover of personnel.  We pride ourselves on long term employees.  This transfers to our way of treating the customer.  We have sold and serviced vehicles to three generations of family members.  The loyalty shown by our customers has made Holz Motors what it is today.

Jerry practices many other sound dealership principles, such as keeping a large inventory, heavy marketing and convenient service hours.  "We have 500-700 cars and trucks in stock at all times,"  Jerry says."  Plus, we are Greater Milwaukee's only Chevrolet Commercial Specialty dealer with many commercial trucks in stock.

One popular feature of Holz Motors is "Jerry's Pro Shop,"  a boutique-style store located in the heart of the main facility where you can buy everything from scale model Chevrolets, to high-performance, factory built, big block racing engines. 

Jerry has a classic car collection and drives his own 1915 Chevrolet in the local parade every 4th of July.  He is also active in the Shriners and other charitable groups.

And there's one more thing about dealing with Jerry:  "Any car, truck or van you buy is sure to be "Holz-sale priced."

Jerry Holz and Holz Motors have been awarded the Time Magazine Quality Dealer Award an unprecedented 3 times, in 1979, 2005 and 2012!

Our philosophy is: To Lead The Market With Volume Sales Created by Satisfying Customers Through A Teamwork Of Happy Dedicated Employees.