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Service Vans at Holz Motors


Cube Vans

A cube van is also another common name for a Supreme van body mounted to a cutaway chassis built by General Motors.  Other common names for a cube van are cutaway van, cube truck, and PDV (parcel delivery van). With a cube van, the back wall of the chassis cab is “cut away”, allowing the front wall of the body to become the back wall of the cab. This allows the user of a cube van to have access to the rear cargo area from the cab. The name cube van comes from the fact that a “cube” is mounted to the chassis. A cube van usually comes in lengths of 14 to 17 feet and interior heights up to 97 inches. Common options for upgrading a cube van include a translucent roof, rear ramp, side doors, cargo control, walk-through access door to the cab, and rear step bumpers



Service Van Bodies

Spartan Service Van Bodies allow you to work standing up inside the service body and are mounted to a conventional cab, cab over, and General Motors cutaway chassis. Spartan Service Vans are the service body of choice for a general contractor, HVAC, plumber, handy man, decorator, painter, carpenter, cleaner, restoration, or remodeling professional.

Map and Directions

For more information about ordering Service Vans, call the Fleet Team
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Jake Polinski
Jake Polinski
Fleet and Commercial Director