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Service Tech Advantage

When you have your vehicle serviced here at the Holz Chevrolet Certified Service Department, relax with the peace of mind that the most highly trained team of Chevrolet Certified Service Technicians in the area are working on your vehicle to fix it right.  Our team is the best of the best and consists of 15 GM Master Technicians and 2 GM World Class Technicians.  

What does Chevrolet Certified Service Master and World Class Technician mean?

What it means is that your vehicle is being diagnosed and repaired by the best.  Technicians achieving the Master and World Class status have gone through rigorous and comprehensive classroom and hands-on training.

GM Master Technician Certification is a performance-based event in which each service technician must demonstrate knowledge and diagnostic skills.  During these assessments, each service technician is required to solve real vehicle faults by applying the accumulated learning from ALL courses in the certification area.  Each assessment consists of timed exercises that have been developed based upon the critical elements of the courses across the certification area and real life concerns.

To achieve GM Master Technician Certification, a service technician must successfully pass the certification assessment and be ASE certified in that area.

Certified Service technicians also have the opportunity to become World Class Technicians.  Attaining this level of automotive service repair proficiency requires extensive hands-on training and provides technicians the opportunity to validate their knowledge and demonstrate their skills.

Technicians achieve this status after satisfying the requirements for the Mechanical area, which includes obtaining Master Technician Certification in select categories.  Service technicians achieve status when they successfully complete 8 of 9 GM Master Technician Certifications in the Mechanical area, along with accompanying ASE certifications.

And maintaining our team of Chevrolet Certified Service Master and World Class Technicians here at Holz Chevrolet continues to be one more advantage for each of our customers.  So the next time your vehicle needs service repairs, we invite you to bring your vehicle to us for the most quality experience around.